See It So Clear by Tom ChaplinSee It So Clear by Tom Chaplin

We’ve got the new video from ex-Keane front man, Tom Chaplin, called “See It So Clear,” another single from his solo release, The Wave.

The past 12 months has seen Tom Chaplin step out from the multi-platinum selling band Keane to both critical and commercial acclaim, with his extraordinary debut solo album ‘The Wave’ entering the UK Album Chart at Number 3 and being hailed by critics everywhere.

As Tom says himself, “The Wave is not a concept album but there is a narrative arc, from the depths of despair to a kind of resolution.” ‘See It So Clear’ articulates that resolution perfectly bringing to a close a campaign that has seen Tom firmly establish himself as one of the UK’s biggest stars.

The video looks back at Tom’s journey from growing up in Hastings to the reformed man he is today. As director Daniel Broadley explains, ‘The dreamlike melody evoked such a strong sense of nostalgia, a theme I wanted to explore further in a visual sense. I loved the idea of creating a window into Tom’s past and displaying a mixture of archive footage of Tom as a child, innocent and untainted by the hardships of life to come; showing the uncertainties of adolescence; alongside live footage to represent where he is now in his life, positive and reformed.’

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