Ass Over Tea Kettle by Gestures & Sounds

We are thrilled to bring to you the premiere of the new video from Los Angeles-based alternative “for-peace” four-piece band called “Ass Over Tea Kettle,” streaming below. This video was directed and produced by the band, which is quite an accomplishment. Kudos to you, guys!

Here’s some info from the band about “Ass Over Tea Kettle” –

“Ass Over Tea Kettle” is the first single off of our debut album, “Bill Nye Thinks We’re a Band” that comes out on September 15th. It also features the album name in the lyrics making it a great album announcement song for us! It features fast paced yelling vocals as well as gang vocal sections and all of us chanting “BILL BILL BILL BILL” near the end of the exactly 2 minute song. “Ass Over Tea Kettle” is sort of an angry statement of moving from one phase of your life to the next which is what inspired the vocal style.

We’re using this video as a big announcement for the album, so we wanted the whole thing to feel introductory in a way, hence the spotlights and a heavy focus on each of us performing. What might not be obvious when you first watch is that there aren’t actually any lighting effects that were added in post production. All of the spotlights and color changes were programmed before the shoot and then fed through a cinema projector back onto us live, in real-time. In fact, a good chunk of the video is one single take that we filmed at an extremely high resolution (8K) on the Red Epic-W, then blew up and repositioned that shot for our closeups.

One of the major challenges we faced when filming this was getting the ‘video feedback’ section to work visually. For the instrumental section of the song, we break away from the colored light show and into solo performance shots of each of us. To create the visual tracers of each of us during these shots we ran the live feed from the Red camera into the cinema projector, which was pointed back at us, creating the ‘delay’ effect you see in the video. We struggled for a long time trying to find the right amount of light and camera moves to sell the effect. We almost ended up completely scrapping the section, but at the last minute we dialed in the lighting and it all clicked!”

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