How I Was In High School by Radnor & Lee

We recently had a chance to catch up with indie folk-pop duo Radnor & Lee to take a walk down memory lane. Both Josh Radnor and Ben Lee gave us a little insight into their life during high school, and even took some time out to make a playlist for us (and you).

“Ben Lee began his career as a young teenager in the early ’90s, in the Australian lo-fi punk band Noise Addict, who were discovered by taste-making artists Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys. This began what is now an almost 25-year career of producing intelligent and spiritual indie-pop songs that have soundtracked Ben’s inner life in music.”

“I started playing in a band, Noise Addict, when I was 14 – so high school for me was not really high school – it was a series of interruptions to my ongoing adventures in the world of indie rock. Music was everything to me. It was a map and a destination. It soundtracked my experiences and also dictated them. I was so lucky to be a teenager during the indie-rock lo-fi craze of the 90s. It gave me a culture that I could fit into without polish or pretension. I was also obsessed with sex, obviously, and indie rock presented a more sublimated, genteel version of masculinity that I could relate to – not about being macho or anything, but about being smart, funny and dorky. School was really just something that I had to get through each day to get home to my guitar, my band, and my records. I still don’t think about it very much!” – Ben Lee

Ben Lee’s Spotify Playlist:

Josh Radnor is best known as an actor, having played the central character for nine seasons on CBS’s Emmy-nominated comedy How I Met Your Mother. He has written, directed and starred in two feature films, Liberal Arts and HappyThankYouMorePlease, both of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, the latter winning the 2010 Audience Award for Favorite U.S. Drama. Radnor has also worked extensively on and off Broadway.”

“I think my high school experience was very different than Ben’s. I definitely was not in a band. I was mostly just trying to be cool and not humiliate myself. Then I discovered theater the spring of my sophomore year and everything changed. In fact, my memories post-getting up on stage are much more vivid. Everything kind of went from black-and-white to color. I started to get a completely different sense of myself in the world. I think before I started acting I was largely reactive, kind of studying people, a little timid and shy, trying to not make any false moves. Then the theater got ahold of me and taught me about boldness and authenticity and risk-taking and collaboration and community. It was a real anchor for me in an unsteady time. It still amazes me that a sixteen-year-old boy decided what I was going to do with my life. But his instincts were good.” – Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor’s Spotify Playlist

Radnor & Lee’s debut single “Be Like The Being” is a call back to the present moment, the only place where the human heart can breathe easy. It’s a catchy piece of melodic folk pop that gives us a taste of what their forthcoming full-length is all about.”

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