I Can See It Now by DieAlps!I Can See It Now by DieAlps!

Tampa-based indie alt-rock band DieAlps! (“The Alps!” – pronounced dee-alps) have released a new track called “I Can See It Now,” which will appear on their upcoming release, Our City, dropping on August 4th via New Granada Records.  DieAlps! has quickly become Central Florida’s most beloved band, and they’re set to take over the world now.

“Spending the better part of 2016 in the studio, these new songs show a band leaning heavily on 90’s inspired indie rock and alternative while digging deep, getting personal and moving beyond the twee nature of the three quarter time signature.

Self-recorded, engineered and produced by Frank at Tampa’s Atomic Audio, calling the album ‘more rock’ would simply be an understatement. Our City definitely lands subtle jabs with songs like the surfy hometown homage title track and the punchy murder ballad “Get Yours” while occasionally keeping their waltz-y roots planted with “Battles”. On producing the album, Frank says “We wanted the album to have a 90’s vibe… So when it came down to mixing, I found myself referencing everything from Pavement to Yuck, early Radiohead and The Shins.”

One listen through, and I was hooked. Check them out:

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