Is It Boom Time For Norwich Gaming Studios?Is It Boom Time For Norwich Gaming Studios?

Game development is an increasingly prominent feature of the British tech sector, estimated now to be worth close to £4.5bn. Studios tend to spread across the country with clusters here and there, but Norwich is host to one particular hotbed that is seriously looking like going places fast. We’re not just talking about game marketing companies offering incentives such as how to claim your share of 7sultans latest online casino promotions and suchlike. If you are looking for fun online casino games visit We’re talking real cutting edge, next generation game production that may just be set to put the sleepy East Anglia town squarely on the global map.

Why Is Norwich So Promising For Game Development?

There’s a few factors at work which suggest that Norwich is very well placed to make game development a core aspect of the local economy. To begin with there’s already a solid base of young, forward thinking development companies that are looking very much to the future. Much of this is based upon the undoubted potential of virtual reality gaming to finally make it into the mainstream in coming years.

One local company Immersive VR is as the name implies squarely setting it’s sights on being able to capitalize upon this should VR prove to be the next big thing. One of the very few advantages smaller tech companies have over the huge names is that they can actually generate a profit on VR as it currently stands.

At present it simply doesn’t make sense for a major company to invest resources into the format simply because the market isn’t yet there. Why invest tens of millions into a game when only a couple of percent of the audience will possess the technology needed to enjoy it? Visit what’s available at the moment. However smaller companies such as Immersive VR can – and are – doing very well by producing games that cater for an enthusiastic niche market with spending power that is craving more high class content. Further down the line the experience they have earned from the early days will hopefully make future releases far grander, with global marketing exposure and the revenues to match.

Locally speaking Norwich has a strong local interest not just in programming but also in game development. At the recent Norwich Gaming Festival nearly a third of the 50 or so games on show were produced locally, further demonstrating that there’s not just raw potential at play here – there’s also plenty of talent already out there. This has been well known for a number of years with the local Norwich University of the Arts now offering a structured game design and development degree that is already meeting it’s full subscription quota year on year.

Will The Talent Stay Local?

This is literally the million dollar question as there’s not many industries more fluid than programming and game development. The big players are well known for quite simply buying up either entire companies or headhunting particularly talented individuals by offering sums and salaries that simply may not be realistically available in Norwich just yet.

In order to become the global gaming hub that the likes of Immersive VR are dreaming of, being able to not just retain their core team but also recruit talent from elsewhere themselves is going to be key to maintaining their forward momentum. Rome may not be built in a day, but there’s certainly enough potential that will be interesting to keep an eye on over the next few years.

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