Play God by FitzyPlay God by Brian Fitzy

Philly-based indie pop-soul-hip-hop singer Brian Fitzy has released a brand new track called “Play God,” and we are thrilled to bring you the premiere today. Not only is he a singer, but you can add songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer to that list. Not too shabby, eh?

A bit about how the track came together from Fitzy:

I was sitting in a waiting room, getting my brakes and suspension repaired after another 5,000-something miles on pot hole-laden roads. I see a lot of those roads on my way from show to show. Political talking heads droned away on the TV in the background, not speaking about fixing things like those roads, but arguing about fundamental human rights. I wrote down the phrase “you can’t play God” in my notebook. A few months later, the rest of the lyrics for “Play God” came nearly all at once in a single writing session. I was thinking specifically about my issues with an individual or group forcibly trying to impose its will and beliefs on others. The impending/ongoing Presidential election fit under that umbrella and was more fuel on the fire for that narrative. The song is an open letter from We the People to those that supposedly represent us. When I decided to shoot the video for “Play God,” I wanted to make sure that the visual content was minimalistic; to let the lyrics be the focal point. I enlisted Philadelphia-based photographer/videographer John Welsh to shoot the footage. We captured takes in front of three different monochromatic walls just north of Chinatown, under the shadow of the Willow Steam Plant. The beginning and end of the track features audio from the 1968 DNC riots. I went through hours of archival footage and cut together a montage. In post-production I simulated playback of that footage on a Commodore monitor which I brought to the shoot for B-roll cutaways. In keeping with the vibe of the lyrics, I gave the video a glitchy and erratic treatment with abrupt transitions and cropping. I used archival audio throughout the entire Hard Times For Dreamers album to portray the cyclical nature of our history.  We tend to repeat our mistakes, but I see the potential for forward momentum in spite of that, and I hope to be part of it — fuel on that fire.

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