Father Mother Sister Brother by Fritz MontanaFather Mother Sister Brother by Fritz Montana

San Francisco-based indie blues rock band Fritz Montana have released their newest EP called Father Mother Sister Brother, which you can stream in full below. If you’ve not heard these guys before, you’re in for a treat.

Father Mother Sister Brother is a record about the connections we make in life, those that we choose and those that we don’t, and the aspects of our relationships that bind us together and tear us apart. Our parents choose each other, but they don’t choose their children and we don’t choose them. This system that is created by that dynamic leads to complicated experiences like addiction, divorce, jealousy, and fear, which we are always exposed to before having the wisdom to understand. In this CD, each song addresses topics of connection and belonging, desires to obtain or avoid attention, and need for control and predictability that we all feel. Many of these songs also look at our relationship with music as if it were a member of our family. Much like a family, we don’t choose the music that we are drawn to, but are stuck with it. We may love it, be disappointed by it, wish it would change, but we are ultimately as powerless at changing how music makes us feel as we are at changing those around us. What starts as something simple becomes more complex over time.”

For fans of: The Black Keys, Jack White, Alabama Shakes

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