Lately by Space4Lease

Oklahoma-based indie psych-rock band Space4Lease have released a new track called “Lately,” a song about unrequited love. The band doesn’t want you to pigeonhole this into just love though, they stress that this can happen in any relationship.

“Vocalist Grayson Hamm, shared further thoughts on the song’s inspiration. ‘The lyrics came to me one day after experiencing the all-too-common feeling of falling for someone without reciprocation. The truth is, I didn’t know what I was getting into and probably will never fully understand it. We have all experienced that uncomfortable moment in which we have stronger feelings for someone than they have for us, even if we refuse to admit it out of embarrassment or shame. I’ve reached the point multiple times in my life where I ask the question, “Who I am to you?” How does this person see me compared to how I see them? This cyclical pattern is emotionally exhausting, so I decided to channel these feelings the best way I know how: though the process of songwriting. “Lately” is all about asking these difficult questions. Sometimes it is more helpful to look introspectively rather than to direct the questions toward the one we might be falling for.'”

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Kelly Murphy
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