Room For Love by Sarah Petrella

We are thrilled to share with you today the premiere of the video for the track “Room For Love,” which comes to us from Los Angeles-based indie folk-rock singer Sarah Petrella.

The music video is directed by Oliver Azcarate, a Los Angeles based filmmaker. He plays on the tone and message of the song with a comedic and heartfelt sensibility. The video follows an elderly homeless couple happening upon a pop-up concert. Instantly inspired, the layers of tattered clothing fly off their bodies and movement grips their souls, and at once they lead the crowd of concert goers in an all out dance fest. Azcarate states: “The homeless couple symbolize those that are less fortunate socioeconomically, but who’s hearts and values are in the right place. Life has not been kind to them, but their love and commitment to one another has persevered. ‘Room For Love’ is about discarding the draining, negative, and problematic relationships of the past, and embracing love and light in your life and living positively.”

It has been awhile since we’ve covered Sarah Petrella here on Indie Minded, but we are very happy to see her back on the indie scene. Check out the new video and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Patrella as time goes on.

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Kelly Murphy
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