Rockstar Life by Flight Of Fire

We are thrilled to bring you the new video by Boston-based indie rock band Flight Of Fire called “Rockstar Life,” the new single from their recently released Path Of The Phoenix. “Rockstar Life” was filmed by John and Judas of Aberrant Apostle Productions, and is a continuous shot video, something that isn’t easy when it comes to filming videos. This means no takes, no edits, and all of the “stunts” were performed in real time. If that isn’t hard enough, there’s some shitty pay at the end. Ah, the Rockstar Life…

Filmed mainly inside The Midway Cafe in Boston (specifically Jamaica Plain), it showcases the band at their best, live and on stage. If you’ve never seen Flight Of Fire play a live gig, you’re missing out.

Comprised of lead singer Maverick, lead guitar Tanya Venom and her bookend twin sister and bassist, Tia Mayhem, Flight Of Fire is rounded out by drummer Maddie May Scott.

“This dynamic and passionate band explores the musical textures of upbeat hard rock, emotional folk rock, and complex symphonic rock, creating the fresh, progressive sound that is Flight Of Fire. Highly influenced by classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, Journey, Rush, Heart and The Who, as well as modern rockers like Halestorm, Paramore, The Foo Fighters, and Evanescence, Flight of Fire has varied inspiration contributing to their unique sound – rooted in time-tested rock with a fresh, modern flavor.” You will not meet a band more passionate about their craft, and more dedicated to bring their energetic live show to their fans.

Check out the video below, and be sure to let us know what you think:

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