Kids On Parole by The Begowatts

Madison, Wisconsin-based The Begowatts, are back with their latest track, “Kids On Parole,” off their recently released EP Grand Charade.

Formed in 2012, the post-punk outfit has come a long way since packing basement parties in their hometown. After proving themselves as a live act throughout their state and landing a residency as the house band for Madison’s famed Bike Shop, the band released their self-titled EP in 2015 soon followed by the well-received 2016 LP, Photoelectric.

Riding the wave of success from Photoelectric, The Begowatts quickly got to work writing Grand Charade. With the presidential election unfolding at the time, the new songs are the result of the unprecedented division in the country. Their current single, “Kids On Parole” is sure to draw comparisons to the politically driven rock of the 70s.

With a delivery reminiscent of bands like the Clash and an overall cool vibe in the vein of Black Lips, “Kids On Parole” delivers as a modern day anthem for all of the kids living in these crazy times. As explained by The Begowatts, “This song is aimed a bit at the millennial generation and can roughly be translated to ‘don’t worry about all the haters, go do your own thing.’ It’s about believing in yourself and following your own path, while not falling prey to anyone who will try to co-opt your vibes.”

These guys have grown exponentially since their last release and while once faithful to classic rock, they have matured as a band and developed a sound they now describe as “21st-century electric rock & roll.”

Give “Kids On Parole” a listen and let us know what you think!

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