Exploring Your Love Of Music As An Adult: On Vacation

When you’re younger, being a fan of music and having disposable income often do not go hand in hand. When you get older, if you still kept the same bands close that you used to know and love, you do have the luxury of enjoying them that little bit more. You’re too old to wait outside a concert in the blistering cold in the hopes of meeting them and too busy to do much other than listen to their records. But everyone needs a break sometimes, so why not go on vacation with some of your favorite bands instead? There are shows on the pool deck, drinks with your idols, and even Texas Hold’em poker (yes, poker!) games with top bands.

The Music Cruise Experience

Enter music cruises. Anyone who’s anyone is doing one, from classics like Kiss through to those high school throwbacks you know and loved from the Warped Tour. Companies like Sixthman have made it a big business to bring fans – typically in their twenties and thirties – to the high seas to vacation with big bands, and the full list of their cruises past and present is impressive!

Adult Fun

There’s nothing more annoying than going to a gig and not being able to hear the artists over the screams. If you’re less interested in queuing to be at the front, and more in hitting the bar while nodding along, then music cruises may well be for you. Why not get the cocktail package, and have cruise staff deliver your frozen drinks to the hot tub as you listen to the acts you’ve always loved?

Casino Cruising

Of course, after the bands stop playing, the partying doesn’t stop, either. No curfews when you’re on your own dime! Bands can typically be found in the casino after hours, so perhaps you should be found there, too. Poker always draws a big crowd in the early hours of the morning – are you prepared to take on your childhood heroes? Why not prepare by brushing up your poker knowledge before you go, learning about the different rules and strategies involved in keeping that perfect poker face (don’t worry, you can do this easily on your mobile)? Do you want to really get noticed by someone you look up to? Brush up. Perfect your technique. Poker takes skill, and while most people have heard of Texas Hold’em, different variants such as Omaha, 5 Card Stud and H.O.R.S.E. will give you that competitive edge or at least allow you to impress. Know the value of your hand, and play with your cards, not your ego – leave that to the rock stars!

What’s The Deal?

More and more bands get their own cruises each year, no matter what genre of music you’re into. While it’s obviously only the major players who can justify having their own, there’s plenty of opportunity for the indie or up-and-coming artists to get in on the action through support slots, too. These cruises feature scores of gigs every single day, partying and even poker. And there’s no chance of running into old people who haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

They’re also a great place to network, learn more about the music you love, and meet other like-minded gig buddies for the future, thanks to the laid-back scheduling, Q&A sessions, and intimate acoustic performances, was presented to the  Acoustic Musicians for Hire Melbourne. As only around 2000-2500 people attend each one, it’s an incredible opportunity. If you go on more than one, you can sometimes even get discounts on others, too.

These are actually proper cruises, typically with the cruise liner NCL, so you know you’re getting a proper cruise experience, and it’s not as expensive as you think. And of course, all the food you can eat is included. Isn’t that reason to book enough?!

Kelly Murphy
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