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Welcome to “6 Questions With…,” a series of interviews with emerging artists, musicians, and bands focusing on the music scene and how they live within it. It started as a quick, fun project, but has quickly gained serious interest, so it has become a permanent fixture here on Indie Minded. Over time, the questions may change, but the sentiment will stay the same. This is a way for independent artists to be discovered by new fans on a global scale.

Within in each post, you will find all of their social media links, and also either a link to their music, or the ability to stream at least one of their tracks or videos, depending on the availability.

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Next in the hot seat is the Hollywood-based electro-punk singer Ace Harper. We have had the privilege of featuring Ace Harper here on the pages of Indie Minded, so we are thrilled to bring you this short interview. Sit back and enjoy! This is what is great about this series – the discovery of new music.

For those who may not be familiar, please tell us about your music: the type of music you play, where you are from, and how you got started?

I’m originally from Ada, Oklahoma. I studied dance at my local studio and just fell in love with the art form. It saved me growing up in a small town and became my outlet and way of communication. I loved ballet, modern, and jazz and all the different techniques. In high school, I toured the country assisting choreographers from Los Angeles and that’s how I became a professional dancer in LA. I was lucky enough to work with some amazing artists, choreographers, and directors, but ultimately decided I wanted to be able to make my own creative decisions. I’ve always loved to sing and write so that made sense as the next step artistically. I love the entire process of transmitting something I really want to say and imagining beautiful imagery around it. I creative direct my own show with my choreographer and seeing it come to fruition on stage with my dancers and visuals gives me so much satisfaction. I create my own universe through my live show and love having people step into that world when they see me live. I call my music electro-punk which is a maybe a fancy word for alternative.

In which ways do you enjoy interacting with fans (i.e.: social media, backstage, on the street), and do you find that this is an important piece of your career?

Absolutely! I love interacting on every level. I feel grateful when people connect with my music and I hope that they find some escapism in it. I also want young girls to know perfectionism isn’t real. So hopefully by just trying to embrace who I am others will too.

Being an artist is not as fundamental as being a doctor. However, I do feel that art can save people and if connecting with others can bring some joy and light into the world then I feel content with that.

Also, to be honest, I find social media a bit self-indulgent in the way that posting a picture of myself almost daily feels uncomfortable for me. Although, I do understand it so I try to be creative and just have fun with it because I do love a good fashion moment darling!

What do you find to be your greatest struggle when it comes to the music business?

I don’t want to go all Debbie Downer on you, but the entire (business) part can be a drag. One time, I sat in a boardroom with all old white men and they told me women aren’t successful in alternative music. This type of sexism is quite annoying. I asked them if they had ever heard of Alanis Morrisette, Courtney Love or Garbage. I have to say I work with an incredible team of mainly bad ass women and I’m grateful they make it fun!

If you could only play ONE of your songs for the rest of your career, which one would it be?

That sounds like a nightmare!! But I guess I would say my single “Mouth Wide Open” there has always been something really special about that song. The statement it makes about saying what you want as a woman and the double meaning about maybe some people only view women as sexual objects. Considering our current administration, I think it’s an important conversation to have. When I got back the mix from Mike Crossey, who has worked with incredible bands like The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys, I got emotional… it was exactly what I imagined it to sound like.

What do you think is the most realistic goal you can achieve as an artist/band? What do you hope to achieve?

I think it’s important for me to constantly be making new goals and growing as an artist and expanding on what my artistry entails. That’s what is exciting about this new era is that you just decide what you want to do, go out and make it happen and as a woman, this is really important to me. I love being in charge of my career. My live show is truly where I’m most at home, so touring the world is the ultimate goal. Mostly, I hope to achieve happiness…and when I’m in a creative process I am happy.

Outside of music, what do you like to do that you feel contributes to the creativity that you tap into for your music?

I’m currently working on my fashion line. Growing up, I would design my own dance costumes so it’s something I’ve always loved to do. For me, fashion and my music go hand in hand so it feels very organic to take on this next creative venture.

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