6 Questions With JD & The Straight Shot6 Questions With JD & The Straight Shot

Welcome to “6 Questions With…,” a series of interviews with emerging artists, musicians, and bands focusing on the music scene and how they live within it. It started as a quick, fun project, but has quickly gained serious interest, so it has become a permanent fixture here on Indie Minded. Over time, the questions may change, but the sentiment will stay the same. This is a way for independent artists to be discovered by new fans on a global scale.

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Next in the hot seat is New York City-based Americana-roots band JD & The Straight Shot. We have had the privilege of featuring JD & The Straight Shot here on the pages of Indie Minded, so we are thrilled to bring you this short interview. Sit back and enjoy! This is what is great about this series – the discovery of new music.

NOTE: interview is with Marc Copely (lead guitarist and producer).

For those who may not be familiar, please tell us about your music: the type of music you play, where you are from, and how you got started?

JD & The Straight Shot is really what I’d call “roots music” in that we have elements of acoustic rock, bluegrass, blues and even Celtic music weaving through our songs. The last two records are both 100% acoustic so that’s what we’re playing live as well.

I’m from Worcester, MA and got started by hanging out with one of my friends who played guitar too. He taught me how to play Aerosmith’s “Train Kept a-Rollin'” and the Eagles’ “Lyin’ Eyes.” After that, I was hooked!

As an artist, how do you define success?

I define success first by the fact that we’re getting standing ovations at a good many of our shows, and that’s as an opening act, so that’s not so easy. We’re meeting new fans every day and that’s an amazing feeling.

What do you find to be your greatest struggle when it comes to the music business.

Getting someone to call you back! It sounds funny, but it’s true. 

If you could only play ONE of your songs for the rest of your career, which one would it be?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I’d say “Violet’s Song.” JD and I co-wrote that for the film “August Osage County” and thought we really captured a moment there.

We don’t have that one to share, but how about this one:

Who do you consider your greatest influences?

As a writer, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Tom Waits. As a guitar player, there are too many to mention! I was really influenced by producers that play guitar such as Daniel Lanois and John Leventhal as well as the classic players like Clapton, Hendrix, Jeff Beck…

Outside of music, what do you like to do that you feel contributes to the creativity that you tap into for your music?

The thing I do daily that really helps is read. I go through a good many books per year and love reading just about anything. The text makes me think visually and musically as if I’m adding my own interior soundtrack and I know that is a big influence on me.

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