Kill Me Now by MaRRius

London-based indie electro-pop singer MaRRius has released the first track from his upcoming self-titled EP release, which drops on January 19th.

MaRRius says of the motivation behind the track and his music in general; ‘I’m influenced by the society that surrounds me. My close friends and my family, their stories about what is going on in their lives both good and bad and everything in-between. I’m interested in different opinions and values and how people handle situations differently – it all fascinates me.’

In reference to ‘Kill Me Now’, MaRRius further explains; ‘the song title is obviously not literal, it’s inspired by handling life’s frustrations with humour and sarcasm instead of using anger.'”

His voice is a little reminiscent of Dave Matthews, but with a little more swagger. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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Kelly Murphy
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