Fall In by Lacei ft Cape Lion

Los Angeles-based indie folk-electro-pop duo Lacei are back with a new track called “Fall In,” this time featuring Stockholm-based electronic producer and musician, Cape Lion.

Here’s a bit about how this track came to light:

“In 2002, Viktor (from LACEI) met Oa (Cape Lion) while both were living in Spain. Oa being the eldest of the two and already an established musician became an inspiration for Viktor, which ultimately started his own passion for music. 16 years later, while meeting up in Sweden over the summer of 2017, Jessica from LACEI took part in a reunion with the two which consisted of a creative collaboration from both bands.”

Lacei info: Soundcloud | Facebook | @LaceiMusic | Six Questions With…

Cape Lion info: Website | Facebook | Instagram@CapeLionMusic

Kelly Murphy
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