Twin’s Twist by The Sidekicks

Ohio-based indie rock band The Sidekicks have released a brand new track called “Twin’s Twist,” which will appear on their upcoming release, Happiness Hours, dropping on May 18th.

Vocalist Steve Ciolek notes that they’ve taken more of a narrative approach to their music & writing, which reach towards a universal experience:

“They are relative to my life, but they aren’t just about me,” says Ciolek, whose bandmates include drummer Matt Climer, guitarist/vocalist Toby Reif, and bassist/vocalist Ryan Starinsky. “Unlike when you’re a kid, when every song has to be about falling in love or breaking up—about me, me, me—you get to a point when you really want your art to be inclusive. You want everyone to be able to locate themselves somehow in your songs.”

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Kelly Murphy
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