Miss The Days by Sam Hammerman

New York City-based indie singer-songwriter Sam Hammerman has released a new track called “Miss The Days,” a track that he says is filled with nostalgia.

“‘Miss the Days’ was born right around the time I was transitioning from living in my hometown of Boston to NYC, in the summer of 2015,” shared Hammerman. “I was feeling very nostalgic at the time but also very alive. Lyrically, you can look at it from several angles: it speaks to the longing for times of innocence and simplicity both in the context of a relationship and in a broader sense, before life gets overtaken with clutter and chaos. And ultimately, it suggests that joy and freedom can be found in the midst of it all.”

If you’re in the New York City area, keep an eye out for some tour date announcements, and we’re hoping he adds on some hometown dates to his list, too!

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Kelly Murphy
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