Daughter by Corusco

Check out the new track from Texas-based indie alt-rock band Corusco called “Daughter,” a song that vocalist Aaron Gonzalez wrote from his mothers perspective relating to the relationship that she had with her own father.

“My grandpa was in the Navy when he was younger – he was stationed on a submarine during the Korean War. By the time he had a family, he had adopted a pretty awful case of alcoholism. My grandmother saw the ugliest sides of emotional abuse and she eventually ended up raising my mom and aunt by herself. The rest of his life he lived in different states and had marriages with a handful of other women. This song is my mother (the daughter), speaking to my grandpa (the stranger), at different points in their relationship, including after his death. I sometimes worry that I’ve inherited some of his traits, and this song is part of me reminding myself to do better.” – Aaron Gonzalez, vocals

“Daughter” will appear on the upcoming debut release called Wake, due out May 25th.

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