American Way by Greg In Good CompanyAmerican Way by Greg In Good Company

Some bands have interesting stories to tell about how they came together. Los-Angeles based Greg In Good Company is one of them. Founded in 2015 by frontman Greg Gilman, the five-piece indie rock band was born after the Philadelphia native spent a few years performing his music in front of a most unusual crowd: stand up comedy audiences. But it wasn’t until his best friend died that he found his voice and began to seriously develop his sound. With music as his outlet, Gilman wrote a song in his friend’s memory and began playing it at a Burbank open mic night. Surprised by how well-received he was by audiences and professionals, Gilman set the comedy clubs aside and began playing more and more gigs. His authenticity made other musicians want to join him onstage and through this process, Gilman found his people and the band was formed. Greg In Good Company’s debut LP, American Way, is available now.

Greg In Good Company kicks things off with the politically charged title track, a nod to Superman’s “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” With ear-catching riffs, powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics that question where we are as a country while never giving up pride in what we can be, “American Way” is a great intro as to what this band is all about. The darker “Monster’s Lair” has an initial storytelling style in the spirit of Bruce Springsteen but expressive instrumentation that portrays a sense of strength and determination. The slower paced opening of “Damn Sure” quickly gives way to a mid-tempo, feel-good love song highlighted by some effective harmonica playing. One of my favorite tracks, “Damn Sure” creates the feeling of growing old with someone as time passes.

“Follow” and “See Through You” showcase Greg In Good Company’s old school rock vibe before moving into the brutally honest and funny in the best way, “2AM.” The drum-driven intro quickly breaks into the anthemic chorus of “No I don’t remember your name/The alcohol is who you have to blame/I’m sorry, I swear I really am/But what did you expect at 2 am?” American Way returns to its political heart with “Emergency Song.” Putting urgency to the music, this upbeat track calls for a revolution of sorts in order to save the States. Gilman gets right to the point with lyrics such as “We need to rise up or our nation will fall.”

American Way begins to wind down with “Carrie’s Song,” arguably the best track of the release. Some people give you a piece of themselves when they sing and Gilman is that kind of vocalist. From the earliest notes of “Carrie’s Song,” there is a visceral feel to his delivery that instantly authenticates the emotion. A soulful, blues revival track with a gospel tinge that absorbs you, “Carrie’s Song” packs a sentimental punch while also offering a chorus that makes you want to join in and sing along with. “She Knows” shows that Greg In Good Company is more than capable of banging out some classic 70s radio rock before they wrap things up with the simply titled “Love.”  An uptempo track with backing vocals that perfectly compliment Gilman’s leads, the music is the star here. Conveying an emotional vibe with lyrics such as “Because love is all that matters in the end,” this final track brings American Way full circle and leave listeners wanting more.

Greg In Good Company is often compared to big names such as Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Weezer among others. However, by combining elements from multiple musical genres such as folk, pop, and Americana, Greg In Good Company has developed their own roots rock sound and continues to carve their own path towards success one song at a time.

Produced by Mitchell Haeuszer of HAUS Music in Studio City, American Way is available now.

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