Chemicals by Parker Bossley

Check out the new video from indie pop-electronic artist Parker Bossley for a track called “Chemicals,” a quirky animated video that will grab your eye from the first collage. Bossley has a great sound that is a bit reminiscent (at times) to David Bowie.

A bit about the new track:

“‘Chemicals’ is me writing about my relationships with drugs and love. The hook was spawned in my head on the 3rd day of a festival when the drugs just literally didn’t work anymore.” – Parker Bossley

“Best known to North American audiences for his key roles in the bands Hot Hot Heat, Mounties and Gay Nineties, Parker, who co-fronts Fur Trade with Steve Bays, contributed songs for his past bands including the final Hot Hot Heat album. He also writes for other artists; notably, he collaborated on “Walking Target” for Fitz and the Tantrums from the band’s eponymous third album, and he has been collaborating with Sleepy Tom for his new EP.”

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Kelly Murphy
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