Nashville-based rock band Fine Lines have released a new track called “Stranger,” the first from their upcoming debut Contact, out on September 28th. 

Frontman Chris Probasco told AXS about the new song: “Our new single “Stranger” is about how speculation and judgment of other people make you blind to the deviance of your own voyeurism. In other words, when you’re too busy minding other people’s business, you end up with answers you don’t understand to questions you shouldn’t have asked in the first place.”

Fine Lines is comprised of Probasco (of Goliathon fame), bassist Dustyn Roth, guitarist B.L. Reed, and drummer James Thompson.

After having “Stranger” on repeat, it’s safe to safe to say that I am no stranger to Fine Lines now. Nor do I want to be! 

Give them a listen, and be sure to let us know what you think. 

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