Los Angeles-based Ex-poets have released their newest track called “Tracks,” the follow up to “Still Waiting.” Both of these singles will appear on their upcoming album Too Much Future, which is due out on September 28th. 

About the track Ex-poets’ Colin Killalea says, “‘Tracks’ is a love song sharing a namesake with Lousie Erdrich’s Tracks, written after a fever dream while things were coming into clarity about a past relationship. “I’d fall into the ice only to break your heart.” Could never do enough, at least the way I saw it… It’s an elemental song, mourning a loss, and set in nature. We were listening to a lot of Lover’s Rock by Sade at the time. Brian Wolfe (Sharon Jones) played drums and percussion and Frank Locrasto (Cass Mccombs) contributed keyboards.”

Give a listen to “Tracks,” and be sure to check out Too Much Future when it drops at the end of the month. 

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