London-based indie singer Plested has released a new track called “Ribcage,” which should appear on his upcoming debut release, somewhere on the horizon. 

Speaking on the track, Plested states: “‘Ribcage’ is a little idea I had to articulate the fact that I find falling in love so hard…It’s been 25 years of dating, ‘don’t-know-how-I-feels,’ and distancing because every time I get close, I automatically stop myself. Maybe all of our hearts are just caged up inside us, simply waiting for the right person to come set them free?”

“Ribcage” is filled with emotion, and will grab you from the first listen. Plested is primed for mainstream, and will no doubt find his niche with fans of performers such as Vance Joy and Ed Sheeran, but don’t get it twisted, he’s his own voice. 

Twenty-five year old singer/songwriter Plested started his musical career as one half of acclaimed duo Chasing Grace, but it would take a year before he realised that he just wanted to write songs. Once he had chosen this direction, in the space of over a year he would become one of the most sought-after writers in the business – penning for the likes of Zayn Malik to Little Mix to Naughty Boy and Ray BLK.

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Kelly Murphy
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