Irvine, CA-based indie alt-rock band The Brevet have released the video for their track ‘So Long,’ from their upcoming third studio release, LEGS (which stands for “Like Every Great Story”.) 

The band had this to say about ‘So Long’ – The song is a lush hook driven bit of goodness that will stay with you long after it is over.”

And this about LEGS – “Our band has been through an evolution these last couple of years. We absolutely love the writing and recording process, but somewhere along the way, our focus shifted more towards touring and performing live, and the music we were creating just naturally started to reflect that energy…We’re writing in a way we want to write now. I’m not trying to follow trends; I just want to write from my heart.”

We first covered them back in 2014 here on Indie Minded, and we loved them now. Fast forward four years and nothing has changed – we still love them! Looking forward to hearing LEGS when it releases!

Check out the new video, and be sure to catch them on tour:

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Kelly Murphy
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