Missouri-based indie folk-pop duo The Burney Sisters have released “Ocean Eyes,” the first official single from their upcoming EP, Where We Stand, due out September 28th. 

The Burney Sisters, who are actual sisters, are poised and ready to make a splash with the follow-up from their 2017 EP, Running Away, and at just 13 and 10 years old – oh wait, I didn’t mention that? Right. This talented duo is comprised of Emma (10) and Olivia (13). Are they ready for what is to come? If the maturity of their songwriting and performing abilities have anything to say about it, yes. 

“The voices. The harmony. The raw talent. Those are the first things you notice about this young, dynamic sister duo called The Burney Sisters from the college town of Columbia, Missouri. The fact that this indie folk/pop act is made up of a 10- and 13-year-old is really an afterthought, as this much melodic charm and soul-nurturing sibling harmonies coming from singer-songwriters at any age would set most music lovers’ ears on high alert. And that’s exactly what The Burney Sisters (Emma and Olivia) have been making good time doing since their humble beginnings on garage-sale ukuleles and guitars. Some might say they’re just beginning to hit their stride, and their sound and songs, recalling influences as diverse as The Avett Brothers, The Carter Family, Cowboy Junkies, The Everly Brothers, First Aid Kit, Indigo Girls, The Staves, and even Grace VanderWaal, have gotten the attention of fans and fellow artists in the Midwest and beyond.”

Don’t sleep on The Burney Sisters – check them out and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. 

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