Check out the self-titled debut EP from Los Angeles-based pop-noir duo Van Alden, which comes in just under 14 minutes long and was released at the end of August. 

Van Alden is headed up by musician and clothing brand owner Paul Abrahamian, who also appeared on two seasons of the hit reality show “Big Brother,” so chances are you’ve heard of him one way or another. 

“Van Alden is a strong showing of a fully-modern singer-songwriter, bent on expressing life’s more intense and complicated emotions from  loss, memory, to freedom despite pain. The dark, moody, and  synth-heavy sounds make the record feel like a lonely 3AM smoke on a rooftop in L.A.”

Van Alden (the EP) has a dark, cinematic feel to it, and should instantly pull in any listener. Give their debut a listen, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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Kelly Murphy
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