We are thrilled to bring to you the premiere of ‘Nightly,’ the new video from indie trap-rock band Pvrception (ft. Scummi Boi) which is slated to appear on his upcoming EP, Poison Tongue Boy, due out in February. Between now and then, look for several singles and videos to be released. 

Here’s a bit about the video from Pvrception:

‘Nightly’ was my first time experimenting with alternative guitars and electronic production, in an 8 hour binge until about 6 am with a couple of friends. The song was almost entirely written and produced during that session, and after falling in love I began to experiment more with singing on my own productions. Since Scummi Boi (Kevin Graf) was with me through the whole writing process, he took the second verse on the song. A second friend Ryan Wiseman was also with us during the producing and writing of the song. This was the beginning of Pvrception as it is known now, and will be for the foreseeable future.

The video for this single was filmed in Austin, TX by local legend Devin of OCD Productions. The point of the video was to get into what we do Nightly, around the city of Austin. Basically being a bunch of hooligans riding around with nowhere better to go. We really just wanted to premiere who we are and what we are about for the audience who may not know Pvrception yet.

You may recognize lead creator, producer, and vocalist Tristan Wilson from his time with the band Almost Famous Friends, but if you are new to Wilson’s work, sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Don’t forget to pick up Poison Tongue Boy when it releases in February, but for now, here’s a bit more about the EP from Wilson:

This EP was not constructed with any concrete plan, I was mostly creating music as it came to me, and with no questions of what it would become. These 7 songs almost fell together in a beautiful coalition of works that honestly presented my mentality over the past year. The title Poison Tongue Boy represents the dark and emotional nature of my lyrics, while simultaneously being a Pokemon reference and suggestion to the records electronic style.

Writing and producing this project has been one of the biggest mountains of my life, as I dealt with my own emotions of loneliness, worthlessness, and worked through mental stress. While it felt like a burden to complete this project, in a way, writing it was the only way I feel I could’ve survived through some of the darkest times I’ve been through in the last year. Now I just want others to experience the music I’ve worked so hard on, and hope they learn what they can from listening to the lyrics, just as I have from writing them.”

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