Boston-based indie singer Jane Frank has dropped a new track called ‘Practical Jackets,’ the first single from her upcoming new CD The Big Squeeze, set to release on December 14th. 

‘Practical Jackets’ will get itself in your head and not let go. Give this one a few listens, and I think you’ll be hooked. 

Frank interviewed Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley when the former was a reporter for her college newspaper. Frank was thinking about becoming a songwriter herself – she had been writing her whole life – journals, stories, and now journalism – but the process of songwriting baffled her.

 Fortunately, Frank figured it out.

I am loving this new track, and am looking forward to the release of The Big Squeeze, which will sure to be a hit. The new CD is comprised of gutsy, autobiographical songs with influences that range from the 1950s (Buddy Holly), the 70s (Blondie), into the 90s with Weezer, and all the way up to the indie rock surge with the aforementioned Rilo Kiley.

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