We are back to share with you the newest single from New Hampshire-based indie alt-rock band Rick Rude called ‘Doughnation,’ which will appear on their new CD, Verb For Dreaming, out November 16th. 

“’Doughnation’ is a song about intentionally being happy. Life can be a constant and perpetual struggle and it is our duty as human beings to set aside time and intellect to seek happiness, or in some cases, create it. The song also suggests that one method for forcing happiness upon oneself can be done by helping others achieve that happiness. Alan Watts’ “The Meaning of Happiness” was a big inspiration in the writing, Bunny’s a Swine was a big inspiration in the sound.”

Rick Rude has a jangly, punk sound to them, one that will surely pull you in from the first notes of any of their tracks. Check them out, and be sure to pick up Verb For Dreaming!

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